Great American Cleanup

Keep Lee County Beautiful Inc. recruits Volunteers, Site Captains, Area Managers and local Sponsors to foster unity and strengthen community bonds through beautification and improvement efforts across Lee County. Join  KLCB’s 25th anniversary for hosting this county-wide event. By being a  locally activated community improvement program we bring the power of volunteers and sponsors together to inspire change and build sustainable, vibrant communities to the areas in which we live, work, and play.

The event is a call to action to create more sustainable communities by focusing volunteer efforts on activities that impact aesthetic community improvements and the environment. Volunteers of all ages are welcome and any individual, family, school, group, place of worship, business or government entity can coordinate or participate in an average of over 30 simultaneous projects throughout Lee County.

The 2023 Great American Cleanup event was a tremendous success. Our amazing volunteers helped us collect over 16,000 pounds of trash and debris from our local shorelines, waterways, roadsides and parks.  With Lee County being a coastal community eventually the majority of this loose trash will find its way into a lake, river, canal or estuary, and eventually end up in the Gulf. Preventing this from occurring is a big win for the environment and our local waterways.

Help us protect our environment!

If your family would like help cleaning your own favorite location please call 239-334-3488 or email for our 2024 Great American Cleanup!


Thank you to our 2023 sponsors: